• Football Hero by Green - A great sports novel by someone who really knows the game
  • Billy Creekmore by Porter - Historical fiction that takes you from an orphanage to the coal mines and ends in a circus. Happy ending!
  • The Mailbox by Shafer - There's always one that makes me cry. Touching story about connections.
  • The Great Wide Sea by Herlong - Survival fiction that you can't put down but be prepared to HATE the dad.
  • Do Not Pass Go by Hill - Maybe jail isn't the end of the world and something good can come from it. Life is for learning.
  • Taken by Bloor - 2035 and children of privilege are a thriving business for kidnappers. Is Charity as privileged as she seems?
  • Seer of Shadows by Avi - Photos; emerging from another world, taking bodily shape until that shadow becomes real. A ghost story.
  • Smiles To Go by Spinelli - Time, love and smiles to go before I weep. Pain in the neck little sister? Must read.
  • I, Q by Smith - bad guys, good guys; which is which? Mossad, Secret Service, CIA, SOS and POTUS - what a spy novel!
  • Diamonds in the Shadow by Cooney - blood diamonds, machetes, murder - what do good Americans know? How much do you want to know?

Monica Campana
Teacher Librarian
Indian Trails Middle School
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